Singer 119w1 hemstitching machine made in the 1930's.
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baby shower gifts
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baby gifts
baby shower gifts
baby shower gifts
" You don't know how happy I am to find your products on the Internet. I can order the flannel for my sewing projects, I have used so many of these materials before and just love the baby flannels. Thanks so much for offering them. "
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Value Package Sets

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ProductsEither EdgeReady to CrochetRolled Hem
Bibs3 items3 items-
Bibs & Burp Cloths23 items23 items-
Blankets8 items7 items1 items
Blankets & Bibs---
Blankets & Burps4 items4 items-
Blankets, Bibs & Burps1 items1 items-
Burp Cloths21 items21 items-

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